Forth Update: Engine and Tank are in place

After a longer period of silence I’m happy to give you an update on the status of my Harley-Davidson FXSTC from 1996.

The Engine is back from the service shop. It should run smoothly again. I also change the rocker box on the top of the engine. Insider from Indian Larry’s bike I went with a Knuckle-head on the back and Shovel-head on the front of the engine. I really love to look it has now. But have a look yourself.

Also we have landed on the design of the fuel tank. It is a modified Zündapp tank from an old small moped made in Germany. After a few fitment test of various tanks I landed on this unusual tank. I have let me got inspired by my mechanic Sebastian. We showed me many options. But this Zündapp tank was very unique. At first I was not sure about the Zündapp tank. I only seen it on photos. But at the moment it was on my Harley I immediately fell in love with it. It fitted the best out of all the option.

Of course we had to modified the tank a bit. We increased the size of the tank (width), so I have a bit of a longer range when I go on a ride. The original Tank is/was a bit small after all. But now it just right. I’m very happy how it turned out.

There are still may thinks I will add to it. The back-fender is up next to get it fit. It will be a duck-tail finder. But for now you need to wait until I have the back-fender ready.

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