Second Update: First fitment check on the Harley-Davidson custom project

Today we had a look how the Harley sits. We also looked at some parts how they look on the bike.

With the new wheels and the original rear swingarm, the first thing we did was look at how the Harley stands. The goal is to keep it as low as possible, with the smallest possible suspension travel. We quickly saw that it needed to sit a little lower. This means that shorter front shocks are needed. The suspension travel will be very short. But it is not about comfort in the first place.

Next, we did a tank-look test to see which one might fit. But the two tanks are not perfect yet. When the engine is back from repair we will do another tank fit test.

The oil tank fits very well. The only thing that is a bit out of place here is that it is in chrome. But that can be easily adjusted with a scratchy sponge. The oil tank is now also prepared for painting. Now I can let my creativity run wild. As soon as the oil tank is made I will share a few pictures.

Other than that we have not done too many things. Only some cleanup on the frame. All the old supports for the tank and seat have been cut off as you can see in the following photo.

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