First update of the Harley-Davidson custom project

The feet (wheels) have arrived, yeah 🙂

Today the feet (wheels) for my custom Harley build arrived. This made me very happy. They look fantastic. It’s an old classic look that I went for. Fits perfectly with the theme I have in mind for my Harley.
When I talked to my mechanic Sebastian, I wasn’t 100% sure how they would look on my Harley. But now that they are there, I am very happy and relieved. They look exactly how I envisioned them.
Of course, before ordering the wheels, I show some pictures for inspiration that I found on the Internet. But it’s never the same when you see them on a screen compared to when you hold them in your hands.

More and more parts are trickling in. The project is progressing faster than I had planned.

Next I will make some sketches for the wheels. I would like to write something on the tires. Not sure what exactly yet though. But I will surely find something that fits.

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