My Harley-Davidson customising project

Let’s get started!

In 2020 I found a secondhand Harley-Davidson FXSTC from 1996. This will be the Harley I want to start my new customisation project. Since I was a small boy I had the dream to own and customise an old Harley.

The FXSTC Harley was not a beauty. And the pre-owner made some strange customisations. But this was ok, since I want to have my own touch on it. It made my decisions to get rid of unwanted parts easier.

This project will last for at least one year. I have a few goals with this project. First and foremost, to have NO STRESS in the building process! I will take my time for this Harley Build. Finding the right parts or even building some, will take time. An other goal is, to do as much as possible myself. The paint-job for example will be something I do myself.
Also the theme of the bike must be found. It must be something that resemble me. And to be honest I already found a overall theme for my new (old) Harley. It will be the animal in the asian asterisk calendar of my birth year, which is the Rabbit.

So this is the stage I’m in at the moment with this build.

With the help Sebastian, the mechanic from Harley-Davidson Basel (Richards Motorcycles AG) and myself the bike will come to life ideally by spring 2022.

Since we have a long time-schedule it might take a while for the next update. I will update you as soon there is something to show. So stay tunes for more.

In the meantime, here is a video of my drawing process and scetches for my new Harley.

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